Episode ID3 tags

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How do you normally set your ID3 tags for your episodes?

Does your podcast host do it for you or do you do it before uploading?

Also, which ID3 tags are important to set?

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I set the ID3 tags in my recording software, Audacity.

If I had to choose which tags to set it would be “Artist Name”, “Track Title”, and “Album Title”

These tags make finding my podcast easier.

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Hallo, you can use Auphonic not only to level your audio but also to set ID3 tags.

On a desktop ID3tag is a tool you could you use.

There are tons of tags you could set like genre etc. (if your host is not cleaning them all out). Another thing are chapter marks which are displayed in some podcatcher.

A funny effect can be embedding a cover art image into the MP3 file. This can differ from the one linked in the RSS feed.



Interesting, I didn’t know that Auphonic lets users set chapter marks. A few months ago I was very interested to set them using Audacity but couldn’t figure out how.

@gaburieru4649 I haven’t tried it yet but I came across https://overcast.fm/forecast that looks like it might do what you’re looking for.

As for setting them, I don’t actually do it myself at the moment (at least not on the mp3 file itself) but I know that my podcast hosting platform has me fill in most of this info to help create the RSS feed data that the podcatchers require.

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Thanks for sharing the link!