Frequently Asked Questions

Hi All,
Here you will find answers and resources to questions commonly asked within the community.

How to get started?
This article gives readers about how to start practicing, what equpiment is needed, software, and how to make a podcast public.

How to interview someone?
In this article readers will learn the basics of interviewing a podcast guest such as how to find guests, what not to do, and how to structure an interview.

How to host a podcast alone?
This article discusses how someone can host a podcast by themselves.

How to live-stream episodes?
This article discusses how to get started with live-streaming podcast episodes.

How to Add Podcast to Apple Podcast
This video shows viewers how to add a podcast to Appleā€™s podcast directory.

How to Add Podcast to Spotify
This video shows viewers how to add a podcast to Spotify.

How to grow a podcast?
A host can grow a podcast using social media, writing blog posts, building a community, creating an email list, live-streaming, and sending out surveys.

How to monetize a podcast
A podcast can be monetized through ads, by selling something, or donations. Read this article for more information.

What metrics should you track?
The best metrics to track for a podcast are downloads and average listening time.

Are there any resources for the community?
Yes, there is a private playlist showing viewers to set up a podcast. I created a PDF of the tools I use to make my podcast. As well as a book that can be bought here.