How many episodes before posting on iTunes

Last week I recorded the first episode for a podcast I’m starting. It will be somewhat similar to the Indie Hackers podcast but in Spanish.

How many episodes should I have before posting on iTunes? Is it bad if I post with only one episode?

I’m not expecting to get a lot of traffic from that, if any at all.

Just wondering if it will be harmful in the future.

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Great question. I advise people to launch with 3. One trailer and two episodes. The first reason is to avoid problems with uploading the RSS feed to podcast players. Some players might consider an RSS Feed with one episode empty. If they mark an RSS Feed as empty that will delay the launch of your podcast.

The second reason is that most podcast player will automatically keep 3 downloaded episodes in the player. The average player can download all 3 new episodes. That means a new subscriber will be more likely to listen to the episodes because the episodes will be hard to miss in the player.

I mention this in the book😜

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haha skipped that part, sorry. Gotta read it. BTW the chapter on interviews was pretty good :smiley:

No worries. I broke it down a lot so readers can skip around.

Thanks!! I listened to many bad interviews to prepare for that!!:joy:
Glad to know it was worth it!!