Social Media Strategies?

How do you promote your podcast on social media?


For my social media strategy I use Twitter and Reddit. For Twitter I create short clips of the podcast, no more than 2 minutes long, and I tweet them out. For Reddit I post a link to show in relevant communities. The title is the episode name and the description has the episode description and a link.

Hey there @alex - do you have any tracking to show how your Twitter and Reddit strategies have helped grow your audience?

Hi Paul,

I don’t have any official tracking. The only tracking I do is I post the episode on different days. I track the surge in downloads. So if I have 10 downloads and have 20 after posting it on Reddit I assume I have 10 downloads from Reddit.

I could use a link tracker but for every episode is a little much.

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Hi Alex, may I recommend you trying a tool?
It is called audioburst creators and it automatically generates short video and audio clips from your podcast.
On top of that, you get transcripts so you can use it for blogging and commenting on Reddit.
Check it out and let me know what you think -

Interesting, I usually use’s clip creator to create short videos. I’ll check it out.

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