What microphone(s) do you use?

When we started we all bought cheap condenser microphones on black Friday.

The audio is…ok, but not great. I’d like to update our microphones, but I’d love to hear what other people are using. There are a LOT of microphones out there!

Hey Andy,

I use a Fifine k668 condenser mic.

In my research of mics the most recommended was the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB.

Since then the 2100x has come out. Not sure about the difference though.

I hope this helps!!

Recently got a Zoom H5 Digital Recorder. I’m planning on use it for in person interviews. I like the idea of having a stand alone recorder. So many things can go wrong with a laptop while recording!

Interesting, I agree about the possibility of problems with the laptop. I have yet to do an in-person interview, I look forward to doing one in the future.

I use a Blue Yeti.
But the best recording equipment that I got was a Rode Mic stand.

I got real lucky with both these buys, the yeti was in the clearance stand at a local computer store and the mic stand was on sale on amazon!

The mic stand clamps to my desk and it allows the mic to be out of the way. It also looks really cool haha.

Thanks for sharing Shawe👍

Thanks for all the feedback! I ended up getting a couple of Samson Q2U microphones for the other 2 guys in the podcast, for a couple of reasons.

  1. They have both XLR and USB outputs. Right now we’re spread out and connecting via our computers and Zoom, but when we get together I’d like to have a Zoom Digital Recorder like gaburieru4649 uses.
  2. With everything going on now, ordering from Amazon was a no-go in order to get these microphones any time soon. And the Samson mics were available at their local Best Buys.
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Good choices, hope everything works out!!

Well, when I started I didn’t buy a cheap condenser microphone, I bought a good condenser microphone cheap (2/3 off). A NTG1 from Røde.

In the meantime I have a collection of different microphones because for every job / situation there is the right microphone.

We usually record live in front of an audience or at an exhibition. So a (Røde) Reporter, SmartLav+, a (two) PZM/ boundary/ surface microphone, another shotgun (AKG) and others (like XM8500, Neat, Sontronics, MXL, Shure, AKG, …) are in my arsenal, pardon me, Microphone Locker.

Before buying cheap, better buy a good used microphone. Check the frequency chart and the Podcastage YouTube channel before buying.



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A live podcast? regularly? interesting.

Welcome to the community!!

We record live events but the podcast isn’t live. That brings some special challenges. Especially the Audience and people tapping the table or clicking their pens.

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oh okay, that’s what I was thinking. Then, every episode!!

I use one microphone in my home studio the Samson Q2U headless mic, with Shure A81WS presidential windscreen, as advised by Allan Tépper (see link) https://link.medium.com/SaqbHFRr26 - I recommend that everyone should follow Allan’s advices.

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Thanks for the tip!!